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Brad Roberts

May 1, 2012

Brad Roberts, co-owner of the Temescal Alley Barbershop, is a “rough around the edges” kind of guy. Originally from South Carolina, he has a cool and collected attitude and although you have to do a little bit of prying to get him to tell you a story, his slicked back grey hair and tattoos tell tales of motorcycle trips and tours with punk bands. And when he does open up, he is a funny quick witted guy.

Photography of Brad Roberts by

When you sit down is his chair the first question he will ask you is, “How’d ya like yer hair cut?” You tell him. After that, he’s not likely to say much else unless poked and prodded a bit. But, if you do the poking and the prodding you will learn that he learned how to cut hair in juvenile detention hall.

The second question you are asked is at the end of your hair cut and is, “Do ya put shit in your hair?” He means gel. But the key to getting information out of this man who just as recently as eight months ago built a barbershop with his friend and business partner Nick Vlahos is to ask the questions yourself.

Pictures of Brad Roberts, of Temescal Alley Barbershop, by

When asked about his style of barbering, he said “It’s a simple service. I do my damnest to give the best haircut I can and don’t blow smoke up your ass.”

When asked why he uses a straight razor to shave the back of neck during hair cuts he said if he didn’t that “it’d be like a race car driver using an automatic.”

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